The Problem

Cross-contamination in the food service industry caused by disposable gloves. Both the FDA and CDC have stated that over 15% of food borne illness outbreaks have a direct link to disposable glove cross-contamination. Additionally, 80% of gloves inside of their cardboard box have been found to contain bacteria and traces of E. Coli and Staphylococcus.

Our Solution

We have placed provisional patents on two products that have potential to solve this issue.


The first is a low-cost glove dispenser, storing gloves on a semi-adhesive roll, similar to that of a paper towel roll, and dispensing them one pair at a time as to protect the unused gloves from environmental contaminants. This product can be used with numerous different materials, fitting the needs of the customer.


The second product is a multi-layered disposable glove either stored in a box or on said roll. This eliminates human error aspect of cross-contamination in the food services. Just like a horse jockey removes their outer goggles when they become dirty, the end user of these gloves will shed the outer layer of the glove, when it becomes contaminated, to reveal a fresh pair of gloves underneath. This greatly diminishes the FDA risk factor (4th most driving) of contaminated surfaces.


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