Glove Dispenser

Introducing our low-cost glove dispenser, which stores gloves on a semi-adhesive roll, similar to that of a paper towel roll, and dispenses them one at a time as to protect the unused gloves from environmental contaminants. This product can be used with numerous different materials, fitting the needs of the customer. Best uses include:

  • Restaurants

  • Fast food

  • Dentistries

  • Healthcare offices

Multi-Layered Disposable Glove

Our multi-layered disposable glove can be either stored in a box or on our dispensing roll. This product eliminates the human error aspect of cross-contamination in the food services and health care industries. Just like a horse jockey removes their outer goggles when they become dirty, the end user of these gloves will shed the outer layer of the glove when it becomes contaminated. This action will reveal a fresh pair of gloves underneath. This greatly diminishes the FDA risk factor (4th most driving) of contaminated surfaces in restaurants. Best areas of use include:

  • Restaurants

  • Fast Food

  • EMT

  • Military field care

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